Tips to have quality sex every time

With their aim to attest their sexual prowess, people often brag about having extensive sex sessions numerous times in their lives. However, the important thing is whether the sex they are having with their partners is just qualitative or quantity based. It is important that couples enjoy their sex life to the utmost for a healthy marriage. More than the number of sex sessions, the quality of sex should be kept in mind as this helps create a good bonding between a husband and wife. There is no need to worry if you don’t have sex everyday – what actually matters is the quality time that you are spending with your partner. You will be amazed to see that once the quality of your sex increases, the quantity will also gradually increase without you knowing it, and a time will come when both of you will want more of each other in bed every night. We all want our partners to be totally satisfied with us. However, some of us do not know how to go about it. How do we attain a quality sex life? How do we possess a healthy sexual relation that both would appreciate? These are some of the questions that most of us ponder over.


Good communication is necessary              


The first thing that is very important for a healthy physical as well as mental relation is good communication between partners. You need to be satisfied about your wants and desires. You need to tell him what and how you require to be loved. Find out your own time so that you can discuss sex with him, and then also ask about his requirements. Sex is something which cannot be forced upon. It has to come naturally. Good sex needs to be given some time before you actually divulge into the activity. Try soothing yourself with a fresh gel bath and have a glass of tantalizing wine. Start talking about sex and try foreplay before doing it. Try learning what your partner wants. Shuffle his hair, wear a sexy night wear and show him your desires. You will see that he is gradually making passes towards you.


Add flavor to your sex life


Sometimes monotonous sex can be boring for both. Try adding some flavor to it to spice up your sex life. Before having intercourse, show him your areas on which he will definitely get aroused. Do some dirty talks. Take the help of foods like chocolates, butter and strawberry jam to enhance the mood. Ice also does the work. Put on soft and sensuous music, put some flowers in the room and turn the AC on lightly. The ambience should also be arousing. Make sure that there is no one to disturb you.


Try learning about various sex positions


Couples who are a little more adventurous can try books on Kama sutra and sex manuals. They can also use things like flavored condoms, dildos and lubricant gels. Buy some good pornographic DVD’s which you can watch before having sex. Try different positions of sex. Show your husband that you can arouse him as with, like sucking his penis, pumping your breast and showing him some dirty dance.


Keep your physique right


Sex is a vigorous form of exercise. It is necessary that in order to have smooth and good sex, you should have a good physique with a fit body. Not only will your partner like it, but it will also help you to perform sex easily. Some sex positions need you to be slim and trim.


Sex life is a part of your healthy married life and it is important that you open up to each other without feeling shy. The quality is more rewarding than the quantity. So next time you see people bragging about their sex lives, you always know that yours is much better!


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