Tips to reduce the STD risks of anal penetration


Since the STD risk associated with unprotected anal sex is quite high, it’s extremely important for the straight as well as gay couples to practice safe anal sex. Although anal sex does not carry with it the risk of pregnancy, but it does carry other health risks. Most people enjoy anal sex, but forget the risks involved. The physical design of the anus is the main reason for the risk of sexually transmitted diseases for those who do anal sex. Some of the risks that anal sex poses to both the straight and the gay couples are rectal Chlamydia, HPV, anal cancer, HIV and Gonorrhea. Not only does unprotected anal sex cause these diseases, but also unprotected vaginal sex also may lead to these diseases and cancer. Thus it is very important to experience a safe anal sex. Using safety measures too does not guarantee safety but reduces the chances of the diseases. Some of the must follow safety measures are as follows.


Using condoms


 Men should use polyisoperne, latex and polyurethane condoms. Those lubricant compatible condoms must be used to reduce risks, as anus is narrow and does not self-lubricate. Special tough condoms are used during anal sex, as thrusting is much more.


When making use of fingers


When one is trying to penetrate fingers in the anal region it is important that one washes fingers properly to prevent infection. Using of gloves and coverings on the finger is also a must. Dental dams for anal area are also a must if you are having oral sex.


If your partner insists for anal sex, you have to follow some very strict rules. While performing anal sex, make sure you are in a comfortable position. Ensure that the anal is clean and the bowels have all been passed. It is practically as important as it is aesthetically.


Try to push in a lubricated finger covered with gloves into the anus. This will allow your partner to understand if the thrusting was comfortable or painful. If your partner is enjoying it, you can carry on doing so. You might even rotate and gently try to vibrate your finger. It must be done delicately and not aggressively. If it’s not comfortable, you must pull out immediately and stop the act. Lubrication is very important when pushing your way in.


If you partner is comfortable when you might move on to use dildos and vibrators and butt plugs. All show be well lubricated otherwise it might causing tearing of the inner tissues.


Fisting and rimming is a big no when practicing anal sex.


Gentleness and care when putting it in the anal- relaxation followed by gentleness is a must when doing anal sex. Aggression and impatience might injure your partners. Lubrication is a must especially the water based ones as the area inside the anal is dry.


Following these steps lets you enjoy safe anal sex with utmost pleasure and ecstasy.


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