Tips and tricks to maintain fantastic sexual health

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This can get risky unless you use proper protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy and safeguard your body against sexually transmitted diseases. By maintaining basic hygiene and keeping your sex organs clean, you can avoid a lot of complications and health hazards. Following some simple health related rules and regulations you can boost your sexual health and enjoy a more fulfilling personal life. In the following, you will find some of the greatest tips in this regard. Check your attitude:

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It is impossible to know everything about the vast subject of sex. Even the gifted and experts are not fully aware of the scope and prospects of sex. So, instead of assuming and proclaiming that you know everything discuss the preferences with your partner. Leave aside ego and shame. Discuss sex in a friendly manner and keep an open mind. For example, you can start by telling your lady about a secret fantasy and ask her to tell one of her own. Joke and flirt. Let things be simple and friendly. Gaining the faith of your partner in matters of the bedroom is very important. Give their opinion more value and ask them to tell you exactly what they desire. Find out your partner’s erogenous zones and learn to tickle these areas to your best abilities. That’s how a monogamous relationship works out. Mutual understanding and respect is necessary while making love. Sex is not a chore:

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With kids, career and household odd jobs, couples often find themselves too occupied to have sex. They schedule sex as if giving appointment to a client. Sex is supposed to be spontaneous and invigorating. It must not be a burden to bear. Couples who have a healthy sex life understand this and instead of scheduling sex, they make time for romance. Going out for dinner and movies, having a good conversation and spending quality time together can lead to the resurrection of desires. Eat the right food:

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Greasy foods that pack lots of calories and saturated fats do nothing good for your health. Gaining fat is almost equal to a deteriorating sex life. You will not be comfortable in most of the sexual poses and you will get tired midway of the steamy session. Colorful veggies offer the necessary vitamins for strengthening your physiological system. Eat strawberries together as they are great aphrodisiac and often called love food. Avocado is good for the heart and helps in protein synthesis. Also, eat pine nuts aplenty as it indirectly helps in raising the nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is one of the main ingredients found in Viagra. So, you can understand how pine nuts can help you enjoy sex. Have some frolic:

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May it be an imaginary steamy session between Romeo and Juliet in the woods or some other novel, role play can improve your sex life. All you need to do is be naughty and play your role to the hilt. Get some sex toys if possible and utilize them in the bedroom. From simple feathers to hand-cuffs and vibrators, use anything that tickles your fantasies. Sexual health depends on how you look at sex, proper nutrition and hygiene. Safe sex is also a part of the drill. Keep a balance between reckless fun and sensible enjoyment, for an all enduring sex life.]]>

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