Top 10 European destinations for Sex Tourists

There has been a long history of sex being traded for money and the sex tourism industry has become full-fledged, gaining never-ending revenues from its billions of frequent travelers and customers. Depending on the people’s viewpoints, some countries try to curb this practice of prostitution, while a few other countries have legalized most aspects of it. While in some places, people ignore it; however, there are places where red lights districts are allowed to be ruled by the prostitutes. The glorious history of sex tourism in Europe has made a few places more reputed for this practice as compared to others. Check out which European destinations have made it big by cashing on this hidden aspect of human nature.

De Wallen in Amsterdam, Netherlands: This destination attracts innumerable tourists of both sexes and many of them get involved in sexual activities with prostitutes who have been playing it big through the city’s alleys. The whole alley network includes about 300 single-room cabins. The clients are charmed their way from behind almost all glass doors. This erotic place is full of sex shops, theaters and museums. Somehow, the oldest Amsterdam church in this city is also accompanied as its neighbor by a sex worker’s statue. Considering organized crimes like pimping and human trafficking happening frequently in the city, the law is now tightly monitoring this business.

Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany: Some tourists consider this place to be a hotter destination than Amsterdam. The evidence is this place’s display of live sex acts. In Davidstrasse, prostitution is made legal at some times of the day, while in Herbertstrasse, prostitutes are even allowed to display themselves from behind the glasses. Like Amsterdam, this destination also has sex shops, theaters, bars, strip clubs and nightclubs for those interested in sexual activities.

Soho, London, England: This place also has a notorious history of being the business center of sexual activities. The streets are packed with brothels and prostitutes. But now, the place is known more for extorting money from customers rather than offering them quality services. This destination is emerging more as a gay culture center as of recent times and drug dealing is also a big issue here.

Rue St. Denis, Paris, France: Prostitutes of all sex combinations and ages operate at this place. You will find them roaming around the streets in fur-clad costumes. The sex shops can be commonly seen here.

Pigalle, Paris, France: Pigalle is comparatively a more civilized and posh area than Rue St. Dennis. Tourists visit this destination for forming relationships with prostitutes. Many of the sex tourists also visit the Museum of Eroticism at this location.

Rue d’Aerchot, Brussels, Belgium: This street place is lined up with attractive brothels, though not safe to be visited alone! Located near the financial district of Brussels and European parliament, the future of this place is definitely not dark, even though its alleys are.

Prague, Czech Republic: This Eastern European destination is also a place considered to be red hot for sex tourists. It is more popular among those tourists who want to bargain on sexual activities. This destination is popularly known among tourists as the sex capital of Eastern Europe.

Lacoste, France: Many wealthy sex tourists like to visit this destination that offers them raunchy options to get involved in relationships with prostitutes.

Montaillou, France: This place is famous for its dramatic sexual activities and a preferred choice of sex tourists who would get to find innumerable options here.

Venice, Italy: What could be a better option for sex tourists than this romantic destination of Giacomo Casanova who was a great seducer! There is also an official memoir in Venice for Casanova. This destination has a sensual history and that has been carried forward till today. Prostitution is a common thing at this destination and that is the reason it is a favorite location to be visited by a lot of sex tourists. 

Thus, sex tourists who prefer to visit Europe are in no dearth of destinations that are of interest to them. They find the red light districts in almost every other country and city based in Europe. In fact, it would not be incorrect to call Europe as the business hub of the sex tourism industry. Many of the erotic locations in Europe are supporting this industry with great revenues, whether it is being done openly or in a disguised manner. But, this industry holds a strong foot in this continent as is also reflected by a romantic history of its destinations. Most of these places themselves are attractive and luring for the people visiting here and wanting to enjoy the hidden aspects of their lives.

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