Top excuses women make to avoid sex and why they do it

As sexually liberated as women may be today in comparison to the women that were in their sexual prime half a century ago, they still make a lot of excuses to get out of having sex. This may be attributed to the fact that women in general have a lower libido than men as well as hormonal swings and lifestyle pressures. Here are the top excuses that women make to avoid having sex and the reasons behind them.


1. “I have a headache”

Women, in general, aren’t as physically strong as men. This means that their activities during a regular working day leave them more exhausted than men. Stress, for women, is a real mood killer and makes them want to come up with the classic headache excuse. Moreover, the lack of energy at the end of the day may sometimes give women a literal headache which most men construe unfairly as an excuse to get out of having sex.


2. “I am abstaining”

Despite the global sexual revolution, women around the world are conditioned to view an active libido as a sign of moral weakness. Women often tell their partners that they are abstaining to get over feelings of guilt when they feel that they have acted in a way that could be deemed promiscuous. These “man fasts” are often ways that women get over feelings of despair from failed past relationships as well.

not in mood

3. “I am not in the mood”

When a woman says she’s not in the mood, she’s either a) mad at you for something or b) really not in the mood. However, more often than not, the reason why women aren’t “in the mood” is because their partners have been paying heed to only their needs in bed. A selfish lover is more likely to get this excuse than a man who is able to get his woman to have a climax every time.


4. “I don’t wanna wake the baby up”

Having a baby is one of the most life-altering things that can happen to a woman. The weight gain, the hormonal changes and the changes in the body are all libido killers, though the lack of sleep from having to soothe a screaming newborn through the day is the one thing that kills the mood for women. So if they say that they don’t want to have sex because they don’t want to wake the baby, men either need to assure them that they will soothe the baby to sleep if she wakes up from the ruckus or understand that they have a legitimate reason to refuse sex for the time being.


5. “I have my period”

Men don’t usually understand what the big deal with having periods is. However, for women, it’s not only the icky feeling of the menstruation itself that lowers their libido, it’s the lack of energy, hormonal imbalances and bodily discomfort that comes before and after the periods that doesn’t make them wanna have sex. If a woman makes this excuse when she isn’t having her period, then she simply doesn’t want to have sex with you!

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