Top five sexiest Hollywood movies of all time

Main stream movies have lots of space for the sensual. Hollywood knows very well how to cash the sex factor through their movies. They have used erotica ever since movies came into being. In some of the movies sex is one of the key plots or even plays the central role. In mature human relationships, sex is unavoidable and movies that portray sex life on the silver screen become more emphatic and sensuous. Unlike the porno films where sex is used in a base and vulgar manner with the intention of money making, many main stream movies use sex in a proficiently artistic manner. The sexiest movies of all time have not just shown intimate intercourse scenes but they have given us a lot to make our imaginations go wild. Hollywood has learnt how to use sexual imageries and plots brilliantly over decades. In this article you will find some very erotically stimulating movies.


Based on French sci-fi comics, the 1968 movie Barbarella can sure take your breath away. The steaming hot Jane Fonda in tight sci-fi costume will trigger certain sensuous responses carousing through the veins of male spectators. The love making scenes are bold, given the time they were shot.


This 19998 released movie has Angelina Jolie at her sexiest best. She plays a wild child who becomes a sought after model. The boldness of the movie lies in the explicit sex scenes between Angelina and her lesbian girl friend. This movie is not special just because of the raunchy sex scenes but it also has a great plot supported by brilliant acting.

Basic Instinct:

This is probably one of the most stimulating Hollywood movies. Though the plot is good and the acting is nice, all people seem to notice Sharon Stone and nothing else. She is an enchantress who can enthrall us with her movements alone. This movie has Sharon playing the role of a seductress and novelist who manipulates and kills are victims. Released in 1992, it is a sex thriller which every guy swears by till date.

Body Heat:

This 1981 released movie is all about sex and fiery passion. It has William Hurt in the role of a lawyer who gets involved with the wife of a businessman. Kathleen Turner is perfectly sensuous in her role of a seductress. There is a scene where Katherine is giving oral stimulation to William Hurt. This movie revolves around extramarital affair and its consequences.

Fatal Attraction:        

Attraction and affairs can be fatal- fatally sexy yet fatally ruthless. This movie was released in 1987. It revolves around an extra-marital affair which turns into a violent passion and gives raise to stalking tendencies in the female partner.

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