Top ten secret sex fantasies that women have

Despite the sexual revolution and women’s liberation movements, women still consider revealing their darkest sex fantasies something of a taboo. Here are the top ten sex fantasies that most women have but are too afraid to reveal.


1. Seducing a co-worker

Having sex in the office with a co-worker is a fantasy that plays in most women’s mind often. Since most offices today have strict anti-fraternizing and anti-inter-office dating policies, the fantasy gets even most appealing for women.


2. Being lusted after

Being desired is a feeling that most people, both men and women, enjoy. But being lusted after by total strangers or even co-workers, bosses and people they meet in the course of their daily lives, is a sex fantasy that most women secretly harbor under their saintly, moralistic garbs.


3. Sex with more than one partner

Men believe that women are suckers for monogamy though most would be shocked to find that women fantasize about sex with multiple partners more often than them.


4. Victim fantasy

Playing the victim during sex acts may appear politically incorrect to most modern women though many still secretly fantasize about being “taken by force” just like in old-school erotica and romance novels.


5. Getting it on with a total stranger

Feeling the thrill of animal urges take over oneself to the point where one agrees to having sex with a total stranger turns women on for the unlimited possibilities it throws their way!



Bondage, domination and sado-masochistic play appears to be a bit too stern for most girly girls, most women secretly want to indulge in something as dangerous and dark as BDSM.


7. Massage fantasy

A massage turning into something more is a fantasy for women that is born out of a lack of foreplay during their regular sex lives!


8. Flashing strangers

Even though women today have the freedom to go bare a lot more skin, they are still required to keep their private parts and nipples out of public view. For this precise reason, flashing strangers remains a top secret fantasy for women, whether it be something as playful as raising their tops up to expose their bust line to motorists on the road or even something as seductive as going sans underpants and flashing their nether regions to unsuspecting men.


9. Being videotaped

Not every woman would ever consent to having their sex acts videotaped for the fear of it ending up on the Internet for the entire world to see. But having themselves videotaped during sex remains one of the top fantasies even for the goodliest of girls!


10. Public sex

Sex in public is not something that most women would agree to. However, the risk of getting caught and being dubbed “bad” makes this fantasy even more thrilling for women.

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