How to treat Chlamydia naturally

If you ask about the most common Sexually transmitted disease in the world, Chlamydia is the answer. The bacteria Chlamydia Trachomatis is responsible for the fatal disease and occurs due to unprotected intercourse. If left untreated it might lead to irreparable damage to the eyes leading to blindness. Therefore it must be treated on time to avoid any deadly consequences. There are various ways to treat this disease. Some may opt for conventional treatment while others might prefer to go the natural way. The conventional ways are not must suggested as medication might lead to side effects which are not desired and therefore home remedies are adopted. One important factor to be kept in mind is that you should first diagnose what the disease is and then follow with the treatment. This is extremely vital as most of the STDs have similar symptoms.


Some home remedies which treat Chlamydia naturally are drinking of Echinacea tea. The tea gives the immune system as boost by increasing the white blood count in the blood. This stops Chlamydia from attaching the body further. Even astragalus a Chinese herb found mostly in the eastern medicines also give a boost to the protection system in the body. Researchers say that this treatment is the best and there is no other better way to fight the disease. Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria based supplements stop the growth of the cause of Chlamydia.

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Some other ingredients which help protect oneself from Chlamydia are Garlic, Green tea, Sage and Saw Palmetto. Garlic is an antibiotic which is very strong and is suggested by many traditional medicine experts. It can be taken as a food or also can be used externally. However internal consumption is mostly recommended. Many cannot bear the fresh taste and therefore they can move forward to take capsules. Tea tree oil is well known for its anti bacterial qualities. It might be diluted in lukewarm water and used to clean the genitals to relief it from itching and discomfort. In order to remove the bacteria from the system crushed sage in water should be taken twice a day. Saw Palmetto is another kind of remedy with its anti bacterial qualities. It has the capability of clearing the urinary tract of the patients.


Some other regular and essential strategies to combat Chlamydia are the practice of safe sex. If safe sex is made a habit it’s the best medicine. Some other precautions related to sex are using condoms all times when love making. Limit the number of sex partners. Practice restraining from sex and go for regular diagnoses.

These natural means of protections are much better as they do not have any kind of side effects and most should go for them only.

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