Understanding the effects of losing your virginity

The first experience of having sex is special and unforgettable. You may not have liked it but the first experience and the moment of losing virginity will be etched in your mind for an eternity. Even after several years, you will be able to recall it just like yesterday. Some memories do not just make a lasting impression but also changes your life.


Scientists who have worked on the effects of losing virginity on our lifestyle and psyche have found that the first time you have sex can change the way you perceive sex for a lifetime. Sex can instigate some strong psychological reactions within us. It is also responsible for several physical changes. You may try to forget it and never recall the memory but still it will play an important role in your life long sexual activities and the level of sexual satisfaction you derive from intercourse.

According to researchers, the first experience of sex can shape your sex life and even dominate it. Women who were abused during the first experience of intercourse cannot enjoy a normal sex life for a long period of time afterwards. People who had a great, fulfilling experience of losing their virginity enjoy sex for the rest of their life. These people are more confident about their sexual capabilities and feel satisfied easily.


The first time sexual experience can start a chain reaction of thoughts and psychological responses. Sometimes an individual who did not consent happily for sex may become emotionally bound to the partner. Too much emotional dependency may ruin their personal life and leave them miserable for the rest of their lives.

Emotionally stable individuals make better choice regarding first time sex. They are more selective about their mate and judge the pros and cons more accurately. First time sex may be painful and it can put the fear of pain in the minds of the participants. Often more experienced people manipulate inexperienced individuals to have sex.


Every teenager should be careful about their choice of partner and have responsible sex. Use protection so that your body and life are not damaged. A sexual predator or blackmailer may record your first time sexual act and force you into sexual activities later on. Ask your partner to switch off their cell phones and use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy and spread of STDs.


The experience of losing virginity can be either pleasant or mortifying. It affects your sexual happiness severely. Be cautious about your choice of partner and do not let yourself become a victim of manipulation.

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