Vaginismus: Symptoms, cause and treatment

Vaginismus is a disease where the walls of the vagina contract and relax whenever someone tries to insert something inside it. For, if a tampon is inserted inside, it gives great pain. The spontaneous contraction and relaxation of the muscle can be painful and very uncomfortable, especially when someone tries having intercourse. Vaginismus can hinder the usual day to day activities like having sex or getting a pelvic examination.


The symptoms of vaginismus

One can understand that she has vaginismus if intercourse becomes uncomfortably painful for her. This specific pain occurs only when something is forcefully inserted inside the vagina. During the intercourse, if the penis is inserted in the vagina, the woman experiences a shearing pain. The pain usually vanishes after withdrawal. When asked about the feeling, women say that they feel pain when anything is inserted inside the vagina like a penis or a tampon. Since the disease hampers regular life, it is important that one sees a doctor as soon as she feels that there is a problem.


Cause of vaginismus

The cause of vaginismus has still not been found out completely. This is basically a sexual problem which is generally related to the fear of having sex. A history of sexual abuse can also be an underlying cause of the disease. This disease can occur at a young age as well as after regular functioning. This can be detected while a woman is having intercourse with her partner. It can also develop right after periods. The vaginal walls tighten automatically when something is being inserted into it.


The treatment

Vaginismus has no particular medicated treatment. One needs to treat it with proper exercise. The most common exercise in vaginismus is the progressive desensitization exercise where the woman learns to control as well as relax walls of the vagina by herself. This is an exercise which can be performed at home as well. If it is practiced regularly over a period of months, the disease usually reduces.


How are the exercises done?

The first exercise that one needs to practice is kegel.Kegel exercise entails one to squeeze her muscles to control the flow of urination. If done frequently, one can control her vaginal walls. To do kegel, one needs to contract the muscles, then hold for a while and then relax. The more it is done, the more effective it would be. Try fingering also with your on fingers. Use some cream for a smooth feeling.

Woman can also go in for therapy to reduce the anxiety and fear within them.

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