Waking up your libido from its untimely slumber

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Sex therapists often advise couples to make positive, libido enhancing changes to their lifestyle for jump-starting their sex life. In the following, some of the sure-fire libido awakening tips and techniques have been discussed for your benefit. Take time out

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The days are over when you two would go for hiking or road trips and waited for the weekends for partying together. Life now revolves around the children, household chores and work. Meeting the ends keep you feeling stressed all month long. For reviving your sexual appetite, both of you must take some time out. You should pamper yourself, hit the gym, get body massages and also a new hair cut. Change the way you dress and start wearing a good perfume. All these will surely attract the attention of your partner and make their libido hum the songs of desire. Get a grip on stress

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Stress can do a lot of harm to you and your partner. Being under a lot of stress not just reduces the libido but also damages your health in the long run. To get a grip on stress you should start planning your day properly. Exercise and meditate in the morning and cajole your partner into joining you. Deep breathing and meditation can make both of you feel refreshed. Taking walks in evenings and going out for sushi or just enjoying a cup of coffee with your partner on your way back home from work will help in rejuvenating the feelings of romance and attraction. Curb your expectations

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Sex therapists have found that often partners are not on the same page regarding sex and intimacy. The only way to find out what your partner wants is to communicate with them. Write down the things that you want from your sex life and consider each point closely. Are your sexual demands making your partner feel incompetent in bed? If so then it is very natural for them to emotionally withdraw into a shell. Make your partner feel loved and adored. This way they may feel more confident in enjoying sexual intimacy with you. Untangle the knots


Has your relationship gone through several emotional hiccups? Every couple has to face several challenges throughout the course of their relationship but if you two are holding back anger then it will affect the relationship adversely. Partners should not hide their feelings from each other and pretend as if every thing is alright. Talk about your grievances like matured people without playing the blame game. Sorting out the emotional problems will bring you two closer. Emotional closeness can bring back your libido. Eating habits

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Too much smoking and consumption of alcohol can kill your libido. Starving yourself unnecessarily and not eating balanced meals are also responsible for the waning libido. Eat fresh and colorful vegetables like carrots, beetroots, capsicums and tomatoes. They offer antioxidants that kill the free radicals and give a boost to your sexual potency. Also make sure to include foods in your diet that offer essential vitamins as vitamins help in enhancing your libido. Summary Lack of sexual desire and intimacy can ruin your loving relationship with your partner. To revive the libido you will have to reevaluate your relationship and desires, follow a balanced diet chart and try to curb mental and emotional stress.]]>

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