What are the most eco-friendly ways of birth control?

One of the major hindrances to the development of this world is a constant population increase. With increasing number of people there is more and more pressure on the available resources of the world. This leads to both social as well as economic problems. Birth control thus is of extreme importance and the entire world today recognizes the importance of it.

Here in this article we will be speaking of some eco friendly ways of birth control. These will not only be useful in the process of birth control but will also serve as environmentally friendly options. Only with the right steps and right products can we successfully combat the problem of over population.

Some eco friendly ways of birth control

  1. Withdrawal or pull out:
    unplanned pregnancy.
    We do not recommend it and yet it tops the list of things that we are going to speak about. The reason is however genuine. Unlike most other forms of birth control this easily is the most eco friendly in its nature. Here however the risk factor is much larger. Neither is one protected from STDs and nor is he completely assured of a sudden unplanned pregnancy. However for someone who is with a long term partner and someone with years of practice and control this method can be rewarding. The environmental damage is definitely zero by this method.
  2. Menace of hormone pills: A large number of women overlook some of the better forms of green contraceptive and go for these hormonal pills as an option for birth control. The method of these hormonal pills is simple enough. They promote the secretion of hormones like the estrogen and progestin and the egg is stopped from forming thus averting the pregnancy. This however is not among the eco friendly ways of birth control because the urine caused after the consumption of such pills contains traces of this hormone and when finally released in water bodies they cause a lot of ecological imbalances. It is extremely difficult to eliminate the traces from such water bodies.
  3. Problems with condoms:
    Problems with condoms
    This can easily be said to be the most commonly used form of birth control. The world uses a gigantic number of condoms each day but how eco friendly are they? The latex condoms which are popularly in use are bio degradable indeed but they are mixed with many other elements and chemicals which make the process of breaking down complex and difficult. If zero waste is your motto then the condoms clearly do not fulfill the criteria because they cannot be recycled and also they come in plastic packets which are disastrous for the environment. Lambskin condoms could have been a great alternative and become eco friendly ways of birth control but they are no good against STDs.
  4. Diaphragm: This method too is fairly popular in the United States and is regarded as one of the eco friendly ways of birth control. This again is eco friendly because of the way it can be reused multiple times. The waste factor thus is kept to a bare minimum. When we think of green contraceptive these are some of the very important things that come to mind.
  5. Intrauterine devices:
    Intrauterine devices
    When it comes to eco friendly ways of birth control few things are as effective as the intrauterine devices. These devices require very little material and are thus very useful when it comes to birth control and environment. Also these devices tend to be effective for a span of ten to twelve years. So, apart from curbing the waste for all these years women also experience shorter or no menstrual cycles when they use these. Thus it leads to being a very potent and eco friendly form of birth control. You might as well try it out if you want to be environmentally friendly.
  6. Use of fair trade latex: If you are someone who uses condoms these might be good options for you to try out. In this the products that you purchase are all from such sources, the environmental damage of which has been destroyed. So, these alongside some of the best lubricants which are not very chemical rich can be beneficial. If these can be followed on a regular basis we can finally have a green contraceptive.
  7. Non lubricated condoms:
    Non lubricated condoms
    The lubricated counterparts come with their share of chemicals added to it. Since it is a disposable unit, if you want to be environmentally friendly you should do away with such additives. Like we said there are always some better options like the lambskin version or even some non latex products. These are easily disposable as they disintegrate easily without causing much pollution.
  8. Fertility Awareness Method: Speaking of eco friendly ways of birth control this one easily stands out. This is extremely effective as a method but only when it is carried out properly. In fact the success rate of 99% when followed correctly is higher than many of the contraceptive pills in the markets. This is based on some simple science. For instance we know that while a male is fertile for every single day of his life it is not the same with females.Their cycles vary and so does the pattern of the fertility levels. Going by this theory this method has been set up. There is thus a fertile wave of seven to twelve days and this period sexual intercourse is either to be performed using some kind of barrier method or abstained from. The remaining days it is fairly safe and sound to use this as a method of birth control.

Final words

We hope that the list of green contraceptive will come in handy for you. From the next time onwards you can ensure the safe sex is also eco friendly and does not affect the environment in any negative manner. The goal is to opt for zero waste and also zero amount of negative influence on the environment or the world that we look to build.

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