What to know before having sex with an uncircumcised man

There are many myths regarding sex with an uncircumcised man and most of these myths are nothing but baseless lies. Circumcising the penis is necessary for maintaining good health but only an average 56% of the male population in the US is circumcised. Uncircumcised males are capable of enjoying sex just like the circumcised men. You need not to worry even if you are a woman whose recent love interest never got circumcised. Understanding the difference between a circumcised and uncircumcised man will help you relax and enjoy intimacy with your partner.


Trying something new always fills our hearts with apprehension but after we have experienced the new things become easier for us. If you have tried a new food or cuisine and loved it then you know that trying a new thing is not necessarily a bad thing. If your partner is uncircumcised and you never had sex with an uncircumcised man before, do not be afraid to get cozy with him. Once you break the ice, you will find that sex is as beautiful and gratifying as ever and all your fears were useless.


You should talk with your man directly about your fears and worries. Good communication can bridge the gap between you two and help you get closer. Ask your partner how he wants to be touched during sex or what feels good to him. After you have sex for the first time with an uncircumcised man, you must tell him exactly what you liked and what you did not. The head of the uncircumcised penis is covered with a thin layer of skin. This layer of protective skin has to be pulled down gently to expose the penis head.


Women who have regular sex with their uncircumcised partners are of the view that the layer of skin helps them in pleasuring their partners. It is a sensitive part of the penis that is very sensitive to touch and oral stimulation. Women should not restrict themselves from pleasuring their men with the tip of the tongue and fingers. One problem for uncircumcised men is choosing the right type of condoms that will stay in place during sex.


Sexual intimacy with an uncircumcised man is not an abnormal thing. It can be as pleasurable as having sex with a circumcised man. Be open to new possibilities and learn new techniques of pleasuring your partner.

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