Why do women make use of Kama Sutra

The Kama sutra was written by Vatsayana in India sometime around 400 BC. At that time India already had a relatively modern functioning urban society and life in the cities wasn’t much different from present lifestyle in the metropolitan cities of the world. Courtesans were highly respected and prized and their skill in love making was legendary. For the delectation of the citizens this book was written to instruct the novices in the art of love making, for expanding variety for the regular practitioners and inspiring the professionals. Women today may use the Kama sutra to entice their husband, boyfriend or lover into falling in hopeless love for her through dint of sexual prowess. It is highly descriptive, unbelievably graphic and erotic to satisfy the most jaded and perverted of sexual appetites.

 women make use of Kama Sutra

Women may use Kama sutra for a variety of purposes including, but not only limited to, seduction and enticement of men. The Kama sutra provides guidance in not about having sex in new and innovative positions but also how to please men, how to look men in their eye, how to make them feel wanted, how to make them feel loved and how to make them feel like they are the masters of the world. The Kama sutra teaches women how to control the rhythm of sex, how to participate intercourse without being a passive part of all things and how to keep men loyal and craving for more. The wiles and games that are mentioned in the Kama sutra stand true for human nature even after 2000 years and thus may be applied even today, in all forms and parts of life and society.

The Kama sutra dispenses advice on social behavior as well. When you are at a party, it teaches you about how to find out exactly who is looking at you, who is interested, who wants you and who is the correct person to spend the night with. It teaches you how to allure men with a glance, how to bring them closer, how to lead them, how to make yourself irresistible to men, how to make them shower you with gifts and trinkets, and how to make them fall over each other for the privilege of serving you. It teaches you how to be the queen bee and have all other people droning around you like moths near a flame.

 women make use of Kama Sutra_1

Missionary is not the only sexual position. There are hundreds of ways in which two bodies may be set to attain the maximum pleasure of sex. Positions such as the Lotus position, the Spoon position, the Rider position, the Cowgirl position, the Reverse Cowgirl position, the Indrani position, the Standing Lotus position, the River of Love position, the Lizard position, the Screamer position, the Lover position, the Snake position, the Lift position and several others, transfer the control, pace and rhythm of love making to the woman and makes the relationship that much more exciting and enjoyable. The guidelines presented in the Kama sutra are very helpful to entice and seduce men and to keep them with you at all times. It has guidelines for performing even the most dangerous sexual activities such as anal or group sex, which require physical stamina and mental courage.

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